Inventions & Patents

Report your invention as soon as possible. You can use the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) to report inventions to Utrecht Holdings. The IDF is the starting point for the application process. Utrecht Holdings use the IDF to assess patentability, market potential and to determine the inventor and owner of the invention. According to the Dutch Patent Act UU/UMC Utrecht is the owner of patentable inventions made by scientists. Of course you are entitled to a financial compensation when the invention is commercialized. It is mandatory to fill out all sections thoroughly and in sufficient detail. Our team members can provide assistance. The final version needs to be signed by all inventors.

You can find the instructions and guidelines for filling out the IDF on the cover sheet. Do you need assistance? Please contact our manager intellectual property Bas Nagelkerken at +31 030 253 3621, or at +31 030 253 5854

It is important to report inventions at the earliest stage, so there is enough time to properly seek protection before public disclosure (e.g. conference abstract, website, social media, manuscript, etc.). Please be aware that any form of public disclosure prior to filing a patent application, harms your position and renders patenting impossible.

Download the Invention Disclosure Form here