AMT Medical secures investment round from Nextgen Ventures and Utrecht Holdings to develop its minimally invasive bypass technology

Utrecht, September 18 2017 – AMT Medical secures an investment round from Nextgen Ventures and Utrecht Holdings to further develop its novel technology for minimally invasive bypass surgery. This investment round enables AMT Medical to complete exploratory clinical studies and to further develop its technology.

 AMT Medical’s technology was developed by professor in neurosurgery C.A.F. Tulleken of the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) in the Netherlands. It is globally used to treat intracranial aneurysms in the brain through a minimally invasive approach.

Minimally invasive approaches in cardiac bypass surgery have not been widely adopted, due to limitations in available technologies. Globally, each year over 800.000 bypass procedures are performed. Minimally invasive approaches have the potential to reduce complications and shorten patient recovery. AMT’s technology aims to solve the limitations of currently available solutions, to enable a breakthrough in minimally invasive bypass surgery.

Nextgen Ventures (Lunteren, the Netherlands) led the investment round, joined by Utrecht Holdings (Utrecht, the Netherlands). This investment round enables AMT Medical to develop its technology and complete (pre-) clinical studies. The first in man procedure is projected in 2019.

Positive impact on healthcare system

Nextgen Ventures expects that this technology benefit both patients and the healthcare system, according to CEO Matthijs Blokhuis. “AMT Medical’s technology has the potential to reduce the impact to patients and reduce costs for the health care system. Additionally, we believe that it could pave the way to opening CABG to a larger patient population”. Oscar Schoots, CEO of Utrecht Holdings: “Professor Tulleken’s invention has proved itself globally as a lifesaving technique in neurosurgery, and could bring tremendous benefits to cardiac surgery as well.”

The key difference of AMT’s technology compared to existing methods is that the quality of the bypass can be tested before opening the coronary artery, to prevent leakages and complications. CEO Rutger Tulleken:  “our approach benefits a very large group of patients. Based on the unique benefits that we bring, we are confident that we can grow in the € 3 billion global cardiac surgery market.”

About AMT Medical

AMT Medical was founded in 2016 and is located at the Utrecht Science Park in Utrecht, The Netherlands. AMT develops a minimally invasive operation technique for heart bypass surgery. This unique AMT-technique is based on the proven lifesaving ELANA bypass for the brain. Elana BV, founded in 2006 by Rutger Tulleken, sells these products worldwide (FDA and CE approved).


Rutger Tulleken, CEO AMT Medical,

About Nextgen Ventures

Nextgen Ventures is an investment fund in which health insurers Menzis and De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar, Stichting Triade (a subsidiary of the Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen) and Noaber Foundation have invested. NextGen Ventures invests in knowledge-intensive companies, which create change in health care, preferably potential breakthrough innovations in health care IT and medical technology.


Peter Haasjes, Investment manager,

About Utrecht Holdings

Utrecht Holdings consists of UMCU Holding BV and UU Holding BV, both subsidiaries of respectively the University Medical Centre Utrecht and Utrecht University (The Netherlands). Utrecht Holdings invests in promising spin-offs originated from scientific research at both institutions. Since 2000, Utrecht Holdings has invested in more than 40 spin-offs.


Anouk Dagelet,