AugmedIT closes seed funding round to bring Augmented Reality solutions to surgeons

AugmedIT, a spin-off from UMCU, has closed a seed funding round. AugmedIT is a venture developing  Augmented Reality (AR) solutions to aid surgeons. The press release from AugmedIT can be found below.

AugmedIT, a Dutch startup that develops Augmented Reality (AR) tools for surgeons, has closed a seed funding round with a consortium of Dutch and Swiss angel investors.

The funds will be used to further develop an innovative, patented AR application that enables the easy creation of patient holograms from CT/MRI scans and, with great precision, the projection and matching of these holograms on patients.

In neurosurgical ‘proof of principle studies’ using their AR technology, AugmedIT was able to demonstrate impressive initial results: during multiple procedures, conducted at UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands and University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, MRI based holograms of patients’ brains were matched onto their physical positions, allowing surgeons a full 3 dimensional view of the brain structures and it’s pathology during the surgeries. This was experienced as very promising in terms of increased safety, accuracy and procedural length.

The initial prototype was developed by researchers at UMC Utrecht and the Brain Technology Institute, together with technology experts in the AR domain and under supervision of Tristan van Doormaal, neurosurgeon at the University Hospital Zurich and University Medical Center Utrecht .

AugmedIT is excited to advance the development of the technology and the commercial potential. Claartje Ypma, CEO: “We are very passionate about this opportunity and have great confidence in its potential, given the responses from many surgeons and medical specialists around the world. Especially now in this current time it is becoming clear that digital communication is extremely important. AugmedIT will play its part in this transformation as well. We plan to deliver a pre-clinical version to the market soon that will allow for training purposes and for new patient engagement experiences for physicians and medical staff. In parallel, we are developing AR tools for clinical use, first in neurosurgery and then other medical specialties.”.

About AugmedIT
AugmedIT B.V. is a medical software company that uniquely combines cutting-edge AR technology with direct end-user participation. The company was founded in 2018 by Claartje Ypma (CEO), Tristan van Doormaal  (CMO) and Tom Mensink (CTO).

Claartje Ypma, CEO
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