Novel CD20 mAbs

DOS-000162 – Novel CD20 mAbs

D20 is a notoriously difficult antigen to raise immune responses to and hence only few high affinity monoclonal antibodies exist, amongst which the clinically used rituximab (Rituxan) and ofatumumab (Arzerra). In search for even better monoclonal antibodies the research group of Dr. J.H.W. Leusen of the Immunotherapy group at the UMC Utrecht used a novel immunization protocol, which yielded surprisingly high numbers of responders, never seen before. Extensive characterization of the newly obtained hybridomas showed that the panel of mAbs contain unique types of high affinity antibodies, that incorporate all required effector functions needed for clinical efficacy.

The panel was tested for apoptosis induction of tumor cells, complement activation and antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) and showed high efficacies, some antibodies even better than clinical CD20 antibodies. Sequences and epitope mapping is available.

Isolated antibodies or Hybridomas are available for licensing.


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