GenDx opens new subsidiary in Baltimore MD

Today, GenDx Products Inc has opened a new subsidiary at the bwtech@UMBC Research and Technology Park South in Baltimore. At the new location order handling, logistics and first line support for the USA customers will be coordinated. The USA subsidiary will also keep stock of the full product portfolio for Sequencing based HLA typing by Sanger sequencing (SBTexcellerator®, AlleleSEQR®)and Next Generation Sequencing (NGSgo® for Illumina, IonTorrent and PacBio) as well for the transplant monitoring product (AlleleSEQR®, KMRtype® and KMRtrack®).

Through this new subsidiary, conveniently located in Washington-Baltimore area and next to BWI airport, GenDx is able to deliver even better support to all American end-users working in the field of tissue typing. The office is now run by Sales & Application Specialist Maggi Woronkowics MSc, CHS and we expect to recruit more local staff soon.

Wietse Mulder PhD, CEO commented: “We are really excited that the steering committee of bwtech@UMBC approved the application of GenDX Products to start a subsidiary at their facilities. Further help to professionalize is offered by bwtech@UMBC through their accelerator program. We are already active for about 10 years in USA, but local presence will offer our customers the best support they deserve. Furthermore, the presence at UMBC will be instrumental to the further sustainable growth of GenDx”

Jennifer Reynolds, Director of Venture Creation at bwtech@UMBC Research and Technology Park commented: “We welcome GenDx to the bwtech@UMBC Life Sciences Incubator and are pleased and honored to serve as a soft-landing spot for expanding international businesses such as theirs.”

About High Resolution HLA Typing

The Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) system consists of a large family of highly variable genes and allelic variants which forms the basis of the human immunological defence system. In stem cell transplantation, matching patient and donor is vital as small differences between HLA alleles may have serious effects on the outcome of transplantation. High resolution typing is a technology which enables determination of even the smallest of variations in nucleotides, making it ideal for stem cell transplantation purposes. Until today, Sanger sequencing based HLA typing is considered as the gold standard for high resolution typing. GenDx offers SBTexcellerator® and AlleleSEQR® together with the software package SBTengine®. In 2013 GenDx started as one of the pioneer companies the offering of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) strategy, including NGSgo® reagents together with the software package NGSengine®, available for workflows to be used on various NGS platforms. Both Sanger and NGS techniques analyse the actual DNA sequence of the relevant HLA regions of both patient and donor. Furthermore, identifying and characterizing new alleles with these techniques is of great importance as well. NGS is supposed to become the new golden standard for HLA typing as data analyses using NGS is becoming easier and faster to interpret and this technique is also suitable for higher throughput. About bwtech@UMBC bwtech@UMBC ( is a 71-acre research and technology community at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). With over 525,000 square feet of office and laboratory space, it is home to 120 technology and life science companies at all stages of development. bwtech@UMBC offers collaboration with university faculty and students and enjoys a strategic and convenient location, close to downtown Baltimore, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, and Washington, D.C. Its annual economic impact on the state is estimated to be over $500 million. About UMBC UMBC ( is a public research university known for innovative teaching, relevant research across disciplines, and a supportive community that empowers and inspires inquisitive minds. UMBC serves 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and combines the learning opportunities of a liberal arts college with the creative intensity of a leading research university. At the same time, UMBC is one of the country’s most inclusive education communities. UMBC’s residential campus is located just south of Baltimore near I-95 and the BWI airport. The university’s government and industry partnerships advancing entrepreneurship, workforce training, K–16 education, and technology commercialization contribute to the state’s economic development. About GenDx Products Inc. GenDx Products Inc. was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2013 as a fully owned daughter of the privately held holding of Wietse Mulder, Managing Director of GenDx. Nancy Murphy was instrumental in the setting up process and has also managed the business since incorporation. Nancy has been involved in the field of HLA typing and transplantation for many years. Before joining GenDx Products she worked at various global operating companies at diverse levels of growth stage, amongst others Robbins Scientific, Genovision, Olerup SSP and Qiagen. Nancy kept multiple senior positions at these companies and executed these all with her entrepreneurial spirit together with her charming and motivational attitude. Nancy is also managing her privately held company CaerusBio Inc., which represents the German company Molzym. About GenDx Genome Diagnostics B.V., also known as GenDx, is a Dutch company in Molecular Diagnostics, focused on development, production and sales of innovative assays and analysis software for transplantation medicine and companion diagnostics. GenDx is specialized in HLA sequencing based typing strategies and offers reagent and software for both Sanger and NGS based approaches. In 2013, GenDx started together with KimerDx B.V. the offering of products for transplant monitoring. Thanks to its in-house extensive knowledge, GenDx offers also custom laboratory services for basic and clinical research organisations. GenDx organises dedicated HLA-SBT training courses worldwide on a regular basis for lab directors, lab managers, scientists and technicians working at tissue typing laboratories, blood banks and donor registries. GenDx is a spin-off of the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands and was founded in 2005 by Erik Rozemuller PhD, Wietse Mulder PhD and Oscar Schoots PhD, representing the University Medical Centre Utrecht participaties B.V. Further information on GenDx can be found at The global sales of the products is supported by the GenDx team, local distributors or through subsidiaries, GenDx Products (Benelux, Canada and ROW when no local distributor present) and GenDx Products Inc (USA)

Address of GenDx Products Inc

GenDx Products Inc

BWtech@UMBC South

1448 South Rolling Road

Suite 001

Baltimore MD 21227

Office: +1 443 543 5254

Contact Information

Wietse Mulder PhD

Managing Director

Phone: +31 30 252 3799

mobile: +1 443 333 0103 or +31 6 51 265 864


SBTexcellerator®, NGSgo®, AlleleSEQR®, SBTengine® and NGSengine® are registered trademarks of GenDx. KMRtype, KMRtrack and KimerDx are registered trademarks of KimerDx B.V. GenDx is a registered trade name of Genome Diagnostics B.V.