PrecorDx awarded with NWO Take-off phase 2!

Heart Failure affects a large patient group and poses a burden on health systems worldwide. Currently available solutions to closely monitor disease progression in order to reduce hospitalization are invasive and come with significant upfront costs and complications. PrecorDx, a spin-off from UMC Utrecht, develops a novel, non-invasive, patient-friendly diagnostic device for monitoring chronic heart failure, which can facilitate early detection of deteriorating conditions in patients. After promising results from NWO Take-Off 1, Open Mind, and Venture Challenge (winner fall 2022), the start-up has recently been founded. With NWO Take-Off 2, they aim to develop the technology, initiate clinical studies, and prepare productization to accelerate to market. 
Keep up the good work Nico van den Berg, professor UMCU en Bart Steensma, assistant Professor UMCU.