Alpha and Gamma valorisation in crossovers

In the practice of knowledge transfer from knowledge institutions and among top industry policy-making organs the emphasis is often placed on patent-based high-tech applications from the natural sciences and life sciences. The role that the alpha- and gamma sciences have in the field of innovation and the implementation of new technology are less common. With its service-oriented economy and broad range of knowledge institutions, Utrecht plays a key role in the multidisciplinary innovations within ICT-driven crossover fields such as e-learning, e-health, e-sustainability and gaming. With alpha and gamma valorisation trainings, workshops and the contribution to the creation of a national alpha-gamma network of the Dutch society of Technology Transfer Professionals (DTTP), the knowledge and experience of researchers, knowledge institutions and governments both within and outside of Utrecht can be shared and built on further.

Start project: January 2013
Status: active
Goal: national knowledge sharing and collaboration in alpha/gamma valorisation
Role Utrecht Holdings: training of alpha/gamma scientists in collaborating with third parties, and collaboration with other knowledge institutions in this domain
Contact: Mirko Lukacs