Combating antibiotic resistance

Prof. Dr. Marc Bonten, medical microbiologist at the UMC Utrecht and a top researcher at RIVM, has very valuable knowledge of antibiotic resistance. At the Centre for Infectious Disease Control (CIB) of the RIVM he plays a leading role in the further development of the program to combat antibiotic resistance. Bonten concentrates on strengthening the infrastructure in the field of combating antibiotic resistance. Cooperation between care institutions and linking public health and curative care are essential in strenghtening this infrastructure. Bonten also advices on antibiotic resistance and publicates on the subject. Marc Bonten has a strong scientific track record and a strong position in the healthcare field. Worldwide antibiotic resistance is a rapidly growing problem. This will undoubtedly have an effect on the Netherlands. With Bontens project //NAME// we can take major steps to protect us better.

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