Organoid technology at the HUB

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Hubrecht Institute and the UMC Utrecht work together in the HUB (Hubrecht Organoid Technology). In this foundation they further develop the organoid technology of Prof. Hans Clevers. The technology will be applied to design and test new cancer therapies. Organoids are derived from pieces of tumor or healthy tissue and can be prolonged in tissue culture.

Prof. Hans Clevers, one of the initiators of the HUB and a renowned  physician and geneticist at the UMC Utrecht, hopes that the organoid technology will make us understand cancer better so that it is treated better. The new methods putatively provide new chances.
In the HUB cancer medicine is tested on living tissues derived from tumors, but cultured as a mini-organ in the laboratory. By generating large collections of such mini-organs, a so-called ‘Living Biobank’, it can be better understood why patients respond differently to different drug treatments. It is to be expected that this will lead to the prescription of medicine that is specifically tailored to the unique genetic code of a patients tumor.

The initiators of the foundation are Prof. Hans Clevers and Dr. Ton Logtenberg, CEO of biotechnology company Merus in Utrecht.

Start project: may 2013
Status: active
Role Utrecht Holdings:
Contacts: Marck Koolen