PAZIO puts patient in charge

A better and more efficient care, put PAZIO on that. Self-management is the starting point and the direction here is in the hands of the patient. Through eHealth everyone can get tailored care. It makes the care 24/7 and location independent.

PAZIO wants to facilitate the caregiver and care user online optimally, so that the patient is actually in charge. By offering digital resources and work in co-creation, collaboration between health professionals and the patient improves. It becomes more accessible and ultimately cheaper.
Active participation of patients in their own care process also improves the quality of care. In practice, the patient is often overlooked in the development of ICT solutions. A missed opportunity, because the patient will not use the solutions (optimal). PAZIO takes the patient as the starting point of the development of its platform. PAZIO e.g. has a user panel that advises the organization in developing and implementing eHealth services and portals.
The services are now offered through PAZIO care professionals. They are the director between healthcare demand and supply. Once patients themselves are able to decide what health services they want to use, PAZIO supports it.

Start project:

Status: Active


Role Utrecht Holdings: licensing negotiations and project guidance