UMC Utrecht sells anaesthesia software

The UMC Utrecht has developed a software program that helps anaesthesiologists during operations to determine administered medicine and the state of the patient. The company Carepoint has been granted the right to bring the software to market. The UMC Utrecht receives a share of the profits. Utrecht Holdings made the agreement possible.

The program “Vierkleurenpen” is an electronic anaesthesia record that registers data from patient monitors and from administered medication during the operation. In addition to the standard data, the electrocardiogram and blood pressure levels are also registered. The program helps anaesthesiologists to administer antibiotics on time and to register possible complications. “The program Vierkleurenpen has no user manual. But no one is asking for one. That is how intuitive a program should be.”

In addition to UMC Utrecht, the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven and the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort are using the software. The UMC Utrecht has sold the rights to the program Vierkleurenpen to the software company Carepoint.

Start project: April 2012
Status: completed
Goal:  bringing software developed by the UMC Utrecht to market
Role UtrechtVC/Utrecht Holdings: Licensing negotiations
Contact: Thomas König