Ureka Mega Challenge

University Medical Center Utrecht invests in talent, entrepreneurship and improvement of care for the patient.
Often good initiatives and plans from staff or patients stagnate  in the realization phase and that really is a shame. In the Ureka Mega Challenge (UMC) these ideas get the chance to really to be realized. After a strict selection four finalists present their ideas for a professional jury. The best idea wins a cash prize of € 25.000 and intensive support of one of the dragons connected to the challenge. This way chances are that the idea will actually be brought to the market.
The Ureka Mega Challenge is organized every year since 2011. Nyenrode University and Hogeschool Utrecht have organized challenges like UMC as well.

More info on the Ureka Mega Challenge, the winnners and the impact of their ideas can be found on the website.

Start project: 2011

Status: Active

Goal: Stimulate staff and patients to come up with innovative ideas with impact and help them make the next step

Role Utrecht Holdings: Jan Vos van Marken (COO) is the spiritual father of the Ureka Mega Challenge

Contact: Jan Vos van Marken