For start-up funding

Investing in promising research start-ups in the Utrecht region

Since 1998, Utrecht Holdings has been investing in promising start-ups (spin-offs) that aim to commercialize excellent research from Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht. Investments are determined by Utrecht Holdings investment committee, based on an assessment of the investment proposition, which includes at least a feasible & attractive business plan, team and IP position.


Utrecht Holdings currently manages 2 active funds:


Utrecht Holdings Fund is a revolving fund since 1998, and re-invests its returns. 

Key investment criteria: 

  • Develop a technology/concept based on UMCU / UU research
  • Are in early stage (minimum Technology Readiness Level 3)
  • Aim to productize a scalable concept (product or service)

Utrecht Holdings portfolio of companies can be found here.


Utrecht Health Seed Fund  (UHSF) is a €5,4M fund that started per February 2020. 

Key investment criteria:

  • Developing a technology for a scalable product or service in Life Sciences, Medical Devices or Digital Health
  • Are early stage (Technology Readiness Level 2-7)
  • Based in province of Utrecht

The UHSF website can be found here.