uCrowds brings state-of-the-art scientific crowd simulation software to market

After 10 years of fundamental research and applications in projects, Utrecht University computer science researcher Dr. Roland Geraerts and his partner Eric de Wilde are proud to introduce their new start-up uCrowds. With the unique uCrowds software, organisations can simulate the movements of large masses of people under a variety of circumstances. The software has already been utilised by Schiphol Airport and during the start of the Tour de France in Utrecht. From 2012 on Utrecht Holdings business developer Mirko Lukács has supported Roland Geraerts and his team to protect the software copyright IP and to pave the road to the market, including end user licenses with organizations like the Utrecht-based engineer company Movares. On April 13th at startup incubator UtrechtInc the commercial license agreement between Utrecht University, Utrecht University Holding and uCrowds BV was signed. Co-founders Roland Geraerts and Eric de Wilde are now fully ready for take off.

For more information see UtrechtInc