UMC Utrecht Holding sells its share in Bergman Vrouwenzorg Bilthoven

On the 21st of December UMC Utrecht Holding sold its 26% stake in Bergman Vrouwenzorg Bilthoven to the only other remaining shareholder Bergman Clinics. This focus clinic, specialized in bladder and pelvic problems, was founded in 2002 as ‘Alant Vrouw’ by two employees of the UMC Utrecht, Alant Medical (now part of Bergman) and UMC Utrecht Holding.
In the context of the merger between Bergman Clinics and NL Healthcare Clinics, the opportunity arised to sell our minority stake and capatilize on the healthy financials and growth of the clinic. The close cooperation between (personnel of) Bergman VZ and the UMC Utrecht will not change.