Welcome at the next Expert Class! 5 July 2019 | Negotiating & Licensing

You are ready to start your business, however, is the University or Medical Center ready as well to let go of the ‘invention’? Many academic institutions take equity in lieu of cash when they license their technologies to startup companies. Others require university inventors to assign the rights to their inventions to the university. The inventor who wants to use the technology to start a company has to license it from the institution? What does it take to spin-off? 
  • Programme Features: Startup case presented by Oscar Schoots (TTO UMCU) and Cristianne Rijcken (Cristal Therapeutics) | Expert lecture presented by Wietse Mulder (GenDx) | Workshop moderated by Hamza Zourakhti (Loyens & Loeff)| One-on-One slots for in-depth questions | Networking.
  • Register: Send an email to Ellen de Waal > 
  • Date: Friday, 5 July 2019
  • Time: From 11:00 until 18:00 hrs
  • Venue: UMC Utrecht, Ureka Cafe /Micaffe

For more information or registration: LifeScience@Work