About us

General introduction

Who we are


Utrecht Holdings is the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) for two institutions, Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht. Together with our excellent researchers, we want to create impact: our goal is to make research results generated in the UU and Medical Center available to society. We do so by connecting a diverse array of stakeholders with the researcher, like industrial parties and investors.

UU & UMCU Holding

Holding structure advantages

Utrecht Holdings also operates as a holding company for start-ups and strategic entities. We own and maintain the shares of our operating companies. The holding structure has many advantages for the institutions. Using a holding structure, it is easier to transfer or sell in designated cases. It provides a clear overview of participation and allows working in a harmonized way within all entities. Last but not least, the necessary corporate compliance with rules and regulations is regularly monitored by our experts.

Scientific partner

Trusted scientific partner

We predominantly operate within the strategic themes of our Institutions such as Life Sciences, Digital Innovations (AI) and Sustainability. Our team complements the scientific excellence at our Institutions with a deep understanding in the field of scientific research, business development, intellectual property, finance and investments and legal matters like IP, contracting and corporate law. In this way, we strive to make a difference to society by creating partnerships that bring new products and services to the market.

Making impact

Supporting science for 25 years


Over the past 25 years, we have supported many science-based inventions with their journey to society. Some start-ups were built on intellectual property generated at our institutions. Many of these inventions lie in the field of improving patient care using novel medical devices, development of groundbreaking therapies against severe diseases or novel algorithms that support healthcare professionals in correctly diagnosing the disease and deciding on treatments.


We also look at applications in the field of sustainability, for example options to reduce plastics and technologies that produce less waste. Other interesting opportunities are focused on the efforts to replace animal testing with new testing systems. Utrecht Holdings is committed to embodying principles of diversity and inclusivity, creating an environment in which everybody feels respected and empowered to drive knowledge transfer.

Rules & regulations

Applicable rules and regulations


Both the Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht Boards have adopted various policies and regulations regarding valorization, and intellectual property, patent applications, collaborations with industry, the starting of companies and ancillary activities. Policies and regulations are managed by the Legal Affairs units of both institutes, who can provide the most recent versions. Utrecht Holdings is bound by and supervises compliance with those regulations.


Click here for an Overview of the policies and regulations of Universiteit Utrecht.

Knowledge transfer

The expert in knowledge transfer


Together with our excellent researchers, we realize societal and economic impact with their research results. We achieve this by organizing the transfer of the invention to an existing market player or by setting up a start-up company. This process is what we call knowledge transfer.

The knowledge transfer process consists of four different checks:

Impact Check, Patent Check, Start-up check and Funding Check.