Startup Check

Startup Check


The goal of a startup is to create something new or improve something that currently exists. In case the most efficient pathway to impact is a start-up, we will use our toolkits to check and assess the viability of a new company on five parameters.


These parameters are: effective team, business plan, funding opportunities, academic entrepreneurship and facilities. Utrecht Holdings provides access to an established network of venture builders, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Utrecht Holdings can also assist in seeking housing and lab facilities.


Our 5 parameters

  1. Effective team

    Supported by coaching programs available at UtrechtInc, Venture Challenge and other resources in the ecosystem like HIHR, we guide researchers to build entrepreneurial skills. UtrechtInc offers entrepreneurial programs, inspiring events, seasoned mentors, and a vast business network to help to build an effective team.

    We also join you at the Venture challenge program. During this program, the team consists of the person who made the scientific discovery and the other founders of the start-up.

  2. Business plan

    During the process, we will present the invention to existing parties and/or to potential investors for start-ups. In doing so, we ask you to work with us on a “One-Pager”. This One-Pager provides a clear, non-confidential overview of the invention and works as a teaser.

    It describes the value proposition –  the value that the invention offers. It answers the question “why should the customer be interested?” and describes the product-market fit.  This value proposition is the starting point for your business plan.

  3. Funding opportunities

    Utrecht Holdings partners with Healthy Ideas and Healthy Returns. This organization offers valuable networking opportunities, allowing (potential) spin-offs to build up contacts for investments in follow-up programs, as well as good feedback to sharpen your value proposition. Start up initiatives seeking (pre)seed venture funding and early phase projects, not ready for a pitch, yet that are looking for feedback are also very welcome. For further funding opportunities, like our own pre-see UHSF fund, please refer to Funding Check.

  4. Academic Entrepreneurship

    Becoming an academic entrepreneur, pursuing a science-based company alongside your affiliation at the UU or UMCU brings along some challenges.  We have experienced in, and provide guidance to researchers, how to position both their company and research group for success. Together with the researcher, we assess what is needed to kick-start a start-up, considering both the interests of the company and the institute.

  5. Facilities

    For early start-ups UtrechtInc rents out office space in the Kruytgebouw, and the institutions host two incubators, one in the Alexander Numangebouw and the other one in the Life Sciences Incubator. Utrecht Holdings also has experience in establishing facility use agreements with UU/UMCU derived science based start-ups, to provide access to cutting-edge equipment for companies in their early days.