Vascular cannulation made simple by Vascoscoop

The Vascoscoop, an innovation developed at UMC Utrecht, is a small echo device which strongly improves the visibility of the shunt in dialysis patients. Utrecht Holdings helped with the legal protection of the device and helped it finds its way the to the market.

Kidney dialysis may often provide a solution for people whose kidneys no longer function adequately. Their blood is cleansed outside their bodies, by means of dialysis equipment, on average three times a week, for four hours at a time. For this purpose, the patient undergo an operation to be fitted with a so-called artificial vein or shunt. This shunt is used to insert two needles for each new dialysis treatment. The cannulation of the shunt repeatedly fails on the first attempt. This is painful for the patient and may cause damage to the shunt, which may lead to infections and hemorrhaging and sometimes necessitates a new operation.

Correct cannulation can be aided by means of echo visualization, however existing equipment is not specifically geared to be used for dialysis.

Below you can see an introduction of the Vascoscoop.


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